AIX Health Check quick start guide

This is the quick start guide - in case you want to start immediately with AIX Health Check. This quick start guide will help you install AIX Health Check on your system, run it, have it create an HTML style report, and have the report sent to you via email.

For the full documentation, click here.

Quick Start Guide
Use the following steps to run AIX Health Check:
  • Download AIX Health Check here.
  • Log in to your AIX system as user root.
  • Transfer the downloaded ahc_latest.tar file to your AIX system in a seperate folder, e.g. in /ahc.
  • Un-tar the file:
    # tar -xvf /ahc/ahc_latest.tar
  • Check if you can send email from your AIX system:
    # cat /etc/hosts | mailx -v -s test
    If not, click here to find information on resolving the email issue.
  • Run the report:
    # /ahc/checkall.ksh -gdhvm
  • Watch the report being created, and await the report in the inbox of your email.