Pricing of AIX Health Check

Our price
We have a simple pricing structure: AIX Health Check costs 4,950 USD. This includes updates and software support for a year. AIX Health Check can be installed on as many AIX servers or LPARS as you like.
Save money!
Far more interesting is the cost saved by using AIX Health Check. In a recent IDC study on server related costs, it was clearly shown that not buying the actual hardware, not the power and cooling of the servers, but the manpower needed to manage the systems is the largest part of costs associated with running AIX servers. A tool that makes managing AIX systems easier and quicker is needed; it helps standardize the server configuration, and results in less downtime for servers. The more best practices are applied to AIX servers, the better they'll run, and the less downtime will occur. As a result, the AIX admins can manage a larger number of servers, and can focus on more important tasks or projects. That will help in bringing down cost of managing servers, and help avoid costly downtimes.

AIX Health Check can only be used on all AIX servers owned by one company or any of its subsidiaries within a single country. It is not allowed to use it on any AIX servers that are not assets of the same company for which AIX Health Check was acquired.

We're an outsourcing company. Can we use AIX Health Check?
If your company owns all the IBM pSeries hardware that runs AIX, even though it is in use for multiple customers, yes you certainly can. There's no need to purchase multiple copies of AIX Health Check. If your company manages and maintains the servers of several customers, either at a customer site, or within a company-owned data center, but the physical hardware and servers are assets of the customers, each of your customers needs to purchase their own copy of AIX Health Check.

We're a consulting company. Can we use AIX Health Check?
If your company does consulting efforts for customers, e.g. performing one-time health checks of client servers, then AIX Health Check is an excellent tool to use. You would only have to purchase AIX Health Check once, and it can be run on any AIX server or LPAR of any customer. The AIX Health Check software needs to be removed from the customers servers as soon as the consulting effort is complete (go in, run AIX Health Check / produce the report, remove the software).