Try AIX Health Check

Download the demonstration version of AIX Health Check, and try it for yourself. You'll be running reports in a matter of minutes.

The demonstration version contains the first 50 checks out of a total of 1,357 checks that are included in the full version of AIX Health Check.

Instructions for use:

  1. Download the tar archive of AIX Health Check (ahc_demo.tar).
    You can download it through on this website ( to your desktop, and transfer it to the AIX system of your choice. Or, if you have wget installed on your AIX system, download it directly to your AIX system, by running:
    # wget
    Note: Please run AIX Health Check on a test system first, before running it on a production system.

  2. Place the tar archive in a folder of your choice on the AIX system, for example in /ahc:
    # mkdir /ahc
    # mv /tmp/ahc_demo.tar /ahc/
    Note: Make sure that the location for AIX Health Check has at least 128 MB free disk space:
    # df -m /ahc

  3. Un-tar the tar archive:
    # cd /ahc
    # tar -xvf ahc_demo.tar

  4. If you wish to receive a report by email from AIX Health Check, make sure you can send email from the AIX system, for example by running:
    # cat /etc/hosts | sendmail -v
    Note: Please change "" to your own email address.
    Note: If you can't send email from the AIX system, you will have to configure the /etc/ file and/or make sure DNS is properly configured, and the hostname and fully qualified domain name of the server can be properly resolved.

  5. Run AIX Health Check, to create a full HTML report in the same folder, and send it to your email address:
    # /ahc/checkall.ksh -hdm
    Note: The HTML output file will be written to the same folder, in which the checkall.ksh script is located, and it is called checkall_hostname.html Note: The report generated by AIX Health Check will include the hostname of your server instead of "hostname" in the output file.

  6. Run AIX Health Check, to create a TEXT report in the /tmp folder:
    # /ahc/checkall.ksh -dlf /tmp/checkall_hostname.txt

  7. If you need further instructions, please check the AIX Health Check Support page on this website, which includes documentation for AIX Health Check.

    Also, if you have any comments, concerns or questions regarding AIX Health Check, please let us know. Our contact information can be found on the Contact Us page on this website.